CCI Responds to Texas Killer Tornadoes

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CCI Responds to Texas Killer Tornadoes

With intense winds, several killer tornadoes touched down near Dallas over the weekend. Destroying homes and infrastructure, the death toll has been reported at 11 people so far. This is only the latest in a string of storms that have killed 36 people in 7 states in the past week. Garland, Texas felt the greatest impact from these recent storms as 8 people residing in that jurisdiction were killed and another 15 people sustained injuries resulting from the severe weather. With the potential for more tornadoes in the near future, there may be even more damage yet to come.

As the disaster recovery process begins, local governments must think about how best to manage the response effort. Emergency responders must consider the safety of the disaster victims as well as the safety of the recovery workers themselves while also managing the resources that they have available. A large portion of any emergency response effort is dealing with the logistics of managing the available resources wisely. Responders need equipment and supplies as well as food and adequate restroom facilities in order to get the job done safely and effectively. Disaster victims may also be in need of shelters, food, water, and even clean restrooms and showers.

These resources are needed quickly and are not usually readily available at a government warehouse. Local governments often need to contract with equipment rental companies, such as Central Coast Industries (CCI), in order to meet their resource, and thus emergency response needs. CCI is a leading provider of portable sanitation equipment and has over 20 years of experience in dealing with both small and large scale disasters. With porta potties, showers, and potable water trucks available around the Country, CCI can quickly respond to just about any disaster and set up the necessary temporary infrastructure needed to expedite the recovery process.

CCI has a variety of portable sanitation equipment in order to meet your specific needs. The available porta potties range from the standard single person unit to the larger ADA compliant restroom. These units require no running water or electricity and can be located almost anywhere. CCI’s sanitation specialists can help you decide how many toilets you need, where to place them and how often they will need to be serviced in order to maintain cleanliness at a satisfactory level.

In addition to porta potties, CCI has portable trailer mounted showers ready to help clean and decontaminate disaster victims and recovery workers. When buildings and infrastructure are destroyed by a natural disaster such as a tornado, chemicals and dust are released into the air which can then contaminate people and equipment. Depending on the area that experienced the damage, these chemicals can be toxic, cause disease, and can even potentially be carcinogenic. Showering with clean water and soap is a fast and effective way for workers and victims to decontaminate and stop the spread of potentially harmful dust.

Finally, the single most important resource in any disaster is access to clean potable water. Water is essential for drinking, cooking, and even cleaning. In many cases a disaster often leads to contamination or even the complete loss of the local water supply. Hauling in cases of bottled water to supplement the community’s needs is often expensive and/or impractical. CCI has potable water trucks available that can each hold 1,000 gallons of fresh water suitable for human consumption. These trucks can be brought to the disaster area and used immediately to improve the recovery effort.

Whether dealing with tornadoes, flooding, or even wildfires, Central Coast Industries (CCI) is ready to help you. Give us a call today to get a free quote! Or visit