Intense Rain in Texas – Flooding in Texas Alerts CCI


Storms Hits Hard, Texas & Oklahoma Flooding Occurs

Hurricane Patricia made landfall in Mexico a few days ago before pummeling Texas with intense rains. What makes this hurricane so peculiar is the fact that it was the strongest Pacific ocean hurricane ever recorded. This powerful storm produced record sustained winds of more than 200 miles per hour and a record lowest minimum pressure of 880 millibars. Although the storm weakened before hitting Texas, it still rained for more than 2 days dropping over a foot of water in Fort Worth and around 9 inches in Houston. In Corsicana, more than 20 inches of rainfall was reported in a 24 hour period.

Floods creates voluntary evacuation of 4,000+ homes

Widespread flooding across southern Texas caused some damage to roadways and spurred the voluntary evacuation of roughly 4,000 homes. The flooding stranded several drivers and even derailed a train in Dallas. Even though this was a record hurricane and many parts of Texas saw record rainfall, things likely could have been much worse. Fortunately, emergency management professionals were prepared and dealt with the disaster swiftly, likely saving many people’s lives in the process.

CCI ready for portable water sanitation services

When flooding occurs such as what happened in Texas, people are often cut off from supplies and the water and wastewater infrastructure may cease to function. Treatment plants could become inundated with stormwater overwhelming, clogging, or even shutting down the system. Municipal water supplies, if they remain functional, could be contaminated with sewage overflow and chemicals from stormwater. In many cases of flooding, access to clean drinking water can be a challenge.

CCI sets aside a assortment of sanitation equipment

Central Coast Industries (CCI) has dozens of trucks available that can transport clean drinking water to residents and cleanup crews affected by flooding. Typically, using a water truck is cheaper and more practical than supplying bottled water to flood victims and CCI’s potable water trucks can be called in to help support the relief effort at a moment’s notice. CCI’s expertly trained staff can setup and service hydration stations all around the impacted areas in order to best serve the needs of the recovery effort.

Water contaminates become a concern for Texas

One thing that flooding is known for is its ability to contaminate just about everything the water touches. When homes experience flooding, the carpets, walls and furnishings are soaked with extremely dirty water. Flood victims that are exposed to the water are also at risk for contracting water borne illnesses as well as rashes and gastrointestinal conditions resulting from contact with chemical toxicants. Disaster victims need the ability to decontaminate after the flood and if their home is damaged or they are displaced, there is no better way to get clean then by utilizing a portable shower.

Porta potties & shower trailers provide Texas flood relief

Aside from porta potties, CCI specializes in the delivery and setup of trailer mounted shower units. These portable showers can be delivered to hurricane or flood relief centers, shelters, and even government complexes. Flood victims and the recovery workers can utilize the showers to remove contaminants and bacteria from their bodies. It goes without saying, personal hygiene is imperative for survival as well as for the prevention of disease.

CCI restroom facilities become dedicated to Texas

Furthermore, the need for adequate restroom facilities typically becomes important during a natural disaster. Existing infrastructure may be non-functional or victims may simply be displaced and are lacking clean and comfortable restrooms. CCI has an array of porta potties, ADA restrooms and even VIP-style restrooms ready to support the relief effort. Whether a shelter needs additional facilities or a local neighborhood’s sewer lift station was destroyed, CCI’s portable sanitation equipment can provide temporary relief to workers as well as disaster victims.

CCI Sanitation equipment & disaster teams on standby

The flooding in Texas that resulted from Hurricane Patricia has yet again highlighted the importance of having portable sanitation equipment readily available. Another part of dealing with disasters such as this one includes being able to supply power to those who need it most. Electricity is needed for heating, cooling, decontamination, cleaning, and providing light when its dark. Often times flooding causes a failure of the power grid and generators need to be brought in to provide these essential services and expedite recovery. CCI has a variety of diesel powered, trailer mounted generators that can supply much needed electricity for several days before the floods subside and the electrical network becomes operational. CCI’s generators are standing by to be deployed to just about any location at any time.

Texas portable water sanitation equipment for flooding

For over twenty (20) years Central Coast Industries (CCI) as supplied customers with outstanding service and reliable equipment. CCI specializes in the delivery, installation and servicing of portable sanitation equipment and commercial grade diesel generators. CCI is also a responder to emergency situations and can supply porta potties, potable water trucks, and portable showers rapidly and efficiently. Give CCI a call today!

List of Texas Portable Water Sanitation Service Areas