Site Equipment for Rent or Sale

Job Site Equipment for Rent or Sale

We may be best-known for porta potty rentals and other mobile sanitation solutions, but did you know that CCI is also your go-to source for a wide range of high-quality job site equipment? For rent or to buy, check out our assortment of generators, containment trays, temporary fencing, and other solutions to help you run an efficient worksite or event.

Generators for rent or sale  Generators

Our generators are perfect for sites that lack an immediate electrical source. The quiet motor keeps generator units running without disrupting your event or compromising the guest experience. That makes it the ideal solution for special events as well as construction sites and last-minute responses to emergencies and natural disasters.

Holding Tanks for rent or sale  Holding tanks

These holding tanks are designed to fit perfectly under office trailers for bulk waste storage. With their generous capacity—up to 250 gallons—they’re suitable for servicing large groups of people. Regularly used for emergency and disaster response efforts, construction job sites, and one-off events.

Containment Trays for rent or sale  Containment trays

Our containment trays prevent contamination of groundwater with a universal, user-friendly design that fits all portable restrooms. Ideal for job sites.

Office Trailers for rent or sale  Office trailers

CCI offers a selection of new and used office trailers, allowing you to create portable office space where and when you need it. Great for site managers, owners, contractors, engineers, and project managers.

Storage Containers for rent or sale  Storage containers

Heavy duty, ground-level, weather-resistant Storage Containers The perfect solution for your on-site portable storage needs; when and where you need it. Ideal for jobsites, special event supplies, agricultural equipment, home renovations and additional yard storage at your place of business.

Roll-Off Dumpsters for rent or sale  Roll-offs

On-site roll-off waste containers are the perfect solution for keeping the job site clean and safe. We deliver it, you fill it, and we remove it. Ideal for construction job sites, land clearing projects, and home renovations.

Food Grade Potable Water Trucks for rent or sale  Potable water trucks

Our food-grade potable water trucks have 2,000-gallon capacities. These units can be used as emergency drinking water supplies as well as potable water systems. Mobility makes it the ideal equipment to support responses to wildfires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, other emergencies and disaster response.

Light Towers for rent or sale  Light Towers

Our mobile light towers are equipped with four 1250-watt metal Halide HID 5000 Watt Lighting Systems and a built-in 8kw generator as standard. The intuitive lamp-positioning fixtures can be accurately adjusted before extending the tower to its full height. That makes our Allmand V Series Portable Light Tower the ideal solution for construction job sites, special events, festivals, fairs, movie production sets, sporting events, and more. In other words, anywhere you need light and lack an electricity supply!

Temporary Fence for rent or sale  Temporary fencing

Our temporary fence rentals are just what you need for directing crowds at special events, and perfect for sectioning-off construction job site areas as needed. Ideal for worksites, special events, festivals and fairs, movie production sets, and more.