8 Head Shower

8-Head Executive Shower Trailer

8 Head

We work hard to provide portable sanitation rentals that offer the same comfort and convenience of a permanent facility—and our 8-head executive shower trailer is no exception. In fact, this luxury unit surpasses many permanent shower facilities with its soft lighting, fully enclosed stalls, and private dressing areas. There’s also full air conditioning and heating to ensure comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation all year round.

With eight stalls and two separate sides for men and women, each with their own private entrance, it’s easy to see why this is the perfect portable shower solution for larger crowds. Whether it’s a campground, a sports meet, a movie set—or even as part of a response to an emergency or natural disaster—our 8-head shower trailer will not only stand up to the test, but also give each and every user the VIP treatment.



8 Head Shower

Average Number of Uses

100 showers

External Size




Interior Outlets

GFI Protected Household Current Plug-In

HVAC Power

5600 BTUs


7-pin slot plug

Waste Water Holding Capacity

1200 gallons


Water Saver

Water Source

Standard garden hose hook up

  • Soft indirect lighting
  • Freshwater-flushing toilets
  • Fully enclosed stalls
  • Two private entrances
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Hot & cold running water
  • Stair with step landing and handrails
  • Private dressing areas
  • Two separate sides to designate men & women

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8 Head Shower Trailer

Premium product. Premium service.

At CCI, we know it’s not just the quality of the rental product that matters. When you work with us to rent a shower trailer—or any other portable sanitation solution, from porta potties to restroom trailers—you’ll have more than 25 years of industry-leading experience in your corner. That includes a seamless rental process, always-competitive pricing, and unmatched expertise in the rental game.

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