Single and Double Unit Trailers

Single & Double Unit Portable Restroom Trailers

Single and Double Unit Trailers

Some portable toilets are more portable than others. That can be a serious concern if the progress of your job has you moving from one location to the next. Who wants to arrange porta potty transportation every couple of weeks, or even every few days? That’s where our single and double unit portable restroom trailers can make all the difference for your operation.

These trailer-mounted restroom units include one or two wash basins, soap and paper towel dispensers, and a high-capacity water tank. Above all, they’re specifically designed for maximum portability. In fact, all you have to do is hitch them to a vehicle and you’re all set. That saves you time—and time is money for companies in the field.

So consider a single or double unit portable restroom trailer if mobility is the name of the game for your business. Ideal for road crews, agricultural and vineyard operations, and short-term worksites that are regularly on the go from one location to the next.



Double Unit Trailer Dimensions

11’L x 5’W

Double Unit Trailer Hand-washing

2 hand-washing facilities

External Unit Dimensions

92.75″H x 46.5″W x 46.5″D

Freshwater Capacity (per unit)

15 gallons

Handwashing Facilities

One per unit



Holding Tank Capacity (per unit)

65 gallons

Single Unit Trailer Dimensions

8’L x 5’W

Single Unit Trailer Hand-washing

1 hand-washing facility

  • Hand-washing facilities
  • Comfortable, compact design
  • Mobile
  • Locks identify when occupied
  • Non-splash urinals
  • Paper towel & soap dispensers

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Single Unit Restroom Trailers Hand-washing Facility on Single Unit Restroom Trailer Double Unit Restroom Trailer