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Indianapolis, Indiana Porta Potty Prices & Portable Toilets

Famous for the Indianapolis 500, a great auto race held annually since 1911, Indianapolis, Indiana is the proud home to more than 825,000 residents.  This great city has a thriving past as evidenced by having more memorials and historically significant sites than any other location in the US other than Washington DC.   For these reasons it’s no surprise that Indianapolis has a large tourism industry.  People come to this city to enjoy the atmosphere, see the sites, and partake in the large variety of things to do here.


Being a large City, Indianapolis is the host of many special events.  Special events, such as the Indianapolis 500, are known to draw large groups of people.  Planning for such an event is an immense task as a lot of things have to go smoothly for the crowd to be happy.  Event organizers are often busy order food and supplies or securing the entertainment. One sometimes overlooked task is making sure that there are enough restrooms at the site of the event to support the anticipated crowd.  Planning for the restroom needs of a special event can seem like a daunting task however if you hire the right company than it could be very easy.


If you are in need of portable or temporary restrooms in Indianapolis then look no further.  Our company has served Indianapolis as well as the rest of the great state of Indiana for decades.  We’ve supplied porta potties and restroom trailers to a wide variety of long-term and short term events over the years including festivals, block parties, carnivals, and event company picnics as well as construction sites.  Our experience over the years in these areas has helped to make is the leader in the portable sanitation industry.  This has also resulted in our top notch customers service and unbeatable equipment rental prices.


Our company has several locally positioned facilities stocked with a variety of equipment ready for your use.  In addition to the basic porta potty that you may already be familier with, we have a variety of restroom trailers ready for rent.  The restroom trailers come in several styles and can feature amenities such as running water, sinks & counter-tops, flusing toilets, baby changing stations, and even heating/cooling.  Our company also rents shower trailers and stand alone hand washing stations for special events, construction sites, and other projects.  Give us a call today and receive a no-cost, no risk portable sanitation equipment rental quote!