2-Station Sink

Portable 2 Station Sink Rentals

2-Station Sink

Looking for a portable two-station sink rental? Our sleek two-person hand-washing unit could be just the thing your site or event needs. It comes complete with soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers, making it an indispensable addition to any outdoor event where hand sanitation is needed, such as construction sites, outdoor cooking events, and sport fields.

Not sure how many portable two-station sink rentals you’re going to need? Or if you should consider a larger unit, like our four-station sink? All you have to do is call to ask our sanitation rental experts—or fill out our simple online form to request a free quote.



External Size

62”H x 26.5”W x 21.5”D

Fresh Water Capacity

22 gallons

Grey Water Capacity

24 gallons

Paper Towel Dispenser

500 towels per sink

Soap dispenser capacity

30 fl. oz. each

Weight Empty

70 lbs

Weight Full

254 lbs

  • Built-in lift handles
  • Two paper towel dispensers
  • Two soap dispensers