Portable Sink Rental

Portable Sink Rental

With CCI’s portable sink rental units, you can offer your guests and workers convenient, high-quality hand-washing facilities. In fact, the right rental unit can make all the difference to your site or event, helping to keep it clean, hygienic, and family-friendly. And because we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to portable sanitation, we provide a range of sink models to best suit your particular needs. Here are the portable sinks we offer for rent or sale.

Hot and Cold Portable Sink Rental  Hot and cold sink

The hot and cold sink is perfect for events where a three-basin sink is required—for example, if you need to wash dishes or cooking utensils. This high-quality portable sink rental unit has a separate hand-washing faucet complete with soap dispensers and folding drain boards, which allows for hand sanitation while keeping germs away from clean dishes. Ideal for food festivals, fairs, and any kind of outdoor cooking event.

12-Station Portable Sink Rental Trailer 12-station sink trailer

Our 12-station sink trailer is a fully self-contained portable sink rental that’s also ready for city hook-ups. This unit comes complete with hot and cold water, soap, paper towels, and mirrors. Ideal for emergency response efforts, fairs, or any outdoor event.

2-Station Portable Sink Rental  Two-station sink

The two-station sink is a sleek two-person hand-washing station complete with soap dispensers and paper towels—features that are greatly appreciated at outdoor events where hand sanitation is needed. This portable sink rental unit is ideal for construction sites, outdoor cooking events, and sport fields.

4-Station Portable Sink Rental  Four-station sink

The four-station sink is a compact, multi-user unit. It comes complete with a hands-free foot pump as well as soap and paper-towel dispensers at each station. Available for short- or long-term rental. Ideal for large crowds at outdoor cooking events, construction sites, fairs, festivals, and sport fields.

Foam Hand Sanitizer Portable Sink Rental  Foam hand sanitizer

Our SaniStand foam hand sanitizer is economical and convenient, providing the perfect solution for cleaning and sanitizing hands where a water supply is not available. It is a great alternative to a typical portable sink rental unit. Ideal for school playgrounds, grocery stores, farmers markets, outdoor food vendors, fairs, festivals, and BBQ fundraisers.

Towelette Hand Sanitizer Portable Sink Rental  Towelette hand sanitizer

Our SaniStand towelette hand sanitizer is another great option for providing hand-cleaning and sanitizing facilities in locations where there is no readily available water supply. Often used for fairs, outdoor BBQ events, and farmers markets.

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