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Site Equipment & Portable Restrooms California

California, America’s third biggest state, has a diverse population, climate, and economy. Some portions of the state are known for their beautiful landscapes while others are renowned for its remarkable urban landscape and incredible skyline. Whether you are located in rural Napa Valley or in urban down town Los Angeles, Central Coast Industries (CCI) will rent portable sanitation and site equipment to you.

Headquartered in California and having over 25 years of experience in the portable sanitation business, CCI specializes in renting porta potties, portable toilets, and even shower mounted trailers throughout the great state of California as well as the rest of the United States. As a leader in the portable sanitation sector, CCI will give you a great rental experience by taking care of your needs, whatever they are.

CA Site Services, Septic Tank Inspection and Cleaning

Even though California is America’s most populous state, a significant percentage of its inhabitants still rely on septic systems to take care of their home or business’s waste and blackwater. Septic tanks, when installed and maintained properly, provide an economical and environmentally friendly means of treating liquid waste before the water it re-enters the aquifer. If you are looking to install a new septic system, repair any existing one, or even if you are simply looking get yours pumped and cleaned out, CCI has trained sanitation specialists that can take care of you. Our team of qualified technicians can inspect your septic system, pump and clean it out, and then dispose of the sludge safely and properly.

CCI also specializes in many other pieces of portable equipment such as office trailers, storage & roll-off containers, and even temporary fencing and light towers. Great for temporary projects such as construction sites and movie sets, CCI’s site equipment can be used for any site big or small. Your next project site will be safe, secure, and clean making your job easier.

California Movie Set Porta Potty Rentals

Even if you don’t know much about California, you are probably familiar with Hollywood and the fact that many American movies come from this great State. Filming a good movie is no walk in the park. In many cases the production team as well as actors work long hours in locations all throughout the State. And in some locations, the availability of clean, convenient toilets for use by the crew is subpar. Portable toilets, sanitation equipment, and showers can be brought in to support the movie filming effort. CCI has the means and methods to deliver, setup, service, and remove just about any sanitation equipment from a movie set.

In addition to portable sanitation for movie sets, CCI rents generators that can be used to power cameras, lights, and other equipment. The generators are powered by efficient diesel and can last for days on a fuel tank of fuel. The generators are whisper quiet and easy to operate. CCI also rents out office trailers and storage containers to help you will your movie filing needs.

ADA Compliant Portable Restrooms California

One way that CCI stands out from the competition is the availability of ADA compliant porta potties for rent. CCI’s portable ADA toilets are extra-large and have hand rails as well as a low entrance making this unit perfect for users with special needs and/or disabilities. This portable toilet also makes a great family restroom for those mothers and fathers who have small children that may need help using the restroom. In addition to being roomy and accessible, this porta potty can come with an attached sink or sanitizer station. ADA compliant portable restrooms are a great addition to any wedding, concert, festival, or even large party where people with special needs may be in attendance.

California Special Event Equipment Rentals

Aside from movie production, California is also famous for its incredible locations including beaches and parks, as well as amazing concert and special event venues. California is also renowned for hosting some of the biggest and most elaborate weddings in the Country as well as some of the best wine festivals and celebrations around. Whatever special event is being planned, eventually sanitation will become an important part of the discussion.

With that in mind, it’s therefore very important to consider the portable sanitation needs of any special event. In many cases, especially that of large or multi day events, on site toilets and showers simply aren’t enough to serve the needs of the attendees. Portable toilets are often needed to supplement the onsite facilities in order to adequately meet the demands of the guest in attends. The lack of clean restrooms can turn any concert, wedding, festival, or group outing into a terrible one. Your event attendees will require toilets and sometimes even hand washing stations in order to have the best possible experience at your event.

No one wants to have poor experience at your special event – let CCI help you make it a success! CCI has experts on staff to help you plan your next event. We can help you estimate your portable sanitation needs in effort to help make your event a success.

California Disaster and Emergency Support Services

Another thing about California is its susceptibility to natural disasters, especially earthquakes, tsunami’s, and more recently drought. Even if you don’t know much about the geology of California, you are probably well aware of the earthquakes that this State is prone to. The idea of an earthquake in California is such a common notion that several movies have been made focusing on the premise of an earthquake destroying civilization. In fact, natural disaster movies set in California are so commonplace that the Golden Gate Bridge has been destroyed more than 20 times! Fiction aside, seismologists do content that the State is more susceptible to earthquakes than most others in union.

With that said, government officials and emergency planners are constantly training and preparing for the next quake to rock California. Even a small earthquake near a highly populated urban center can wreak havoc on families, infrastructure, and the local economy. When planning for a disaster, emergency professionals must think about many factors including, shelters, food, water, sanitation, power generation, transportation, and cleanup logistics. Among these items, Central Coast Industries (CCI) can help support the recovery and relief effort by providing services in the areas of potable water delivery, portable sanitation, and emergency power generation.

CCI Provides Emergency Disaster Relief Water Sanitation

When an earthquake strikes, the landscape is often permanently changed. Underground infrastructure, such as the water supply network, may be damaged, destroyed, and rendered completely inoperable. This makes obtaining access to clean showering and drinking water a significant challenge for earthquake victims. Often times, bottled water is used to support the relief effort but this is a usually a temporary solution. Repairing the water infrastructure to get water to thirsty victims can take weeks or even months depending on the breadth of the disaster. CCI has several large potable water trucks available to deliver clean drinking water to affected areas in a moment’s notice. These trucks are each capable of carrying 1,000 gallons of clean water and can be placed strategically around the disaster zone as well as at shelter facilities ready to support the community’s needs.

In addition to clean water needs, earthquake victims will need access to portable toilets and showers. Sewer systems in the area may be comprised and a lack of water to flush toilets may make using the restroom inconvenient or even dangerous. CCI’s portable sanitation equipment can be easily brought to aid the community in their time of need. The available equipment ranges from the simple porta potty to the luxurious VIP style restroom facility complete with flushing toilets and running water. Mobile shower trailers can also be setup onsite to help the victims maintain personal hygiene during the recovery effort. In either case, CCI’s equipment rental program is sure to provide plenty of relief to a disaster situation.

Providing Water Sanitation For Disaster Recovery Efforts

During disaster response and recovery, personal hygiene is of the utmost importance. Disaster victims and emergency responders will need access to hand washing facilities in order to effectively manage the recovery effort. Victims of the disaster can use CCI’s portable sinks to remove germs and other contaminants from their arms, hands, and faces. This will help reduce the spread of communicable diseases as well as carcinogenic chemicals. CCI has sink trailers complete with 12 hand washing stations as well as sanitizer stands and portable 2 & 4 station sink stands available to meet your needs.

During a disaster, access to reliable electricity can also be a challenge. The electrical grid could be destroyed and inoperable or, in a best case scenario, simply shut off for safety. CCI’s powerful diesel generators can supply electricity to incident command centers located at the site of a disaster or to entire shelter buildings if needed. These generators are mounted on trailers and can be delivered to even the remotest of sites quickly. Connecting equipment to the generators is also an easy task enabling access electricity needed to run telecommunications equipment, appliances, and power tools. For information regarding the cities CCI services regularly please visit this portable sanitation service list, OR find your city below.

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