Flash Floods in Louisiana Create State of Emergency

More than 20 inches of rainfall in Louisiana

With intense rainfall in the State of Louisiana, five people have been killed, thousands of homes have been evacuated as Louisiana is labeling this major disaster a historic flash flood of epic proportion. At least 70 to 80 people have been rescued from rising floodwaters due to heavy rainfall. As the State of emergency grows in concern, officials and disaster relief personnel are encouraging residents to keep off of the roads if possible. Officials say, “Flood waters are crossing highways in places never seen before.”

Northwest Louisiana has seen almost a foot of rainfall since Tuesday March 8, 2016. A large number of residents have been evacuated, as dozens of homes were flooded. Meteorologist and Senior NWS Forecaster Michael Berry in Shreveport has made the statement that 7 to 11 inches of rain fell in DeSoto Parish, Webster Parish, Caddo Parish and Southern Bossier Parish. He has also stated that another 7 to 10 inches of rain is expected to hit land in the next 24 to 36 hours. Barry says, “Flash flood watches continue for the region until Friday Afternoon.”

Flash Flood Warnings Remain in Southeast Louisiana

Including the New Orleans area, Louisiana is currently remaining under flash flood watch. Forecasters say slow-moving low pressure systems are expected to produce more heavy rainfall. These low pressure and slow moving systems have already caused major flooding, and have been reeking havoc in Louisiana and are expected to continue through Saturday.

CCI Rentals Mobilizes Portable Sanitation Cleanup Services

CCI of Louisiana has now mobilized a large fleet of portable sanitation equipment to aid in disaster cleanup.  Our team of portable sanitation emergency response personnel is currently working with the National Guard to aid in disaster relief to affected Louisiana areas. Our team is also working close with other emergency response organizations to provide the best possible portable sanitation services. We have mobilized such equipment as Louisiana portable toilets, shower trailers, portable restroom trailers and hand washing stations. CCI CEO Brian Touey said, “At CCI our main priority is to provide the best mobile sanitation services to residents and emergency response teams. We will provide whatever is needed in conjunction with the National Guard and all other emergency response teams including the American Red Cross.”

CCI Rentals is continuing to monitor the major flooding in Louisiana and is prepared to provide portable sanitation equipment at a moments notice. If you are in need of assistance of restrooms, mobile showers, sinks, potable water and more please call us at 1-844-274-9127 OR submit your needs by using our Emergency Response Request Form.