CCI Mobilizes Portable Sanitation Disaster Response Teams in Houston Flood

CCI on standby with disaster relief teams in wake of Houston flooding.

Five people have died in flooding that has covered the Houston TX region. Thousands of homes have lost power and hundreds of people have been evacuated as on Monday April 18, 2016. Many official’s and emergency response teams have stated “We are dealing with a life-threatening emergency; residents of Houston should avoid traveling in flooded areas”.

5 Dead driving into high waters in Harris County Texas Officials Say

Four of the five deaths in this emergency, happened in Harris county, a hard hit area, say officials. A truck driver was found dead in the cab of his 18-wheeler, after he had driven into high waters. Two others died after they drove around a barricade on the Houston west side, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said. Also a 56-year-old man was found dead in a submerged vehicle, as stated by County Judge Trey Duhon.

Over 1,200 Water Rescues with over 1,000 Homes Flooded in Houston

In the wake of over 1,200 high-water rescues, and at least 1,000 homes been flooding. CCI Rentals has mobilized a large fleet of portable sanitation equipment for Houston TX. Providing Houston residents & emergency response teams aiding in disaster recovery. CCI has partnered with the American Red Cross, as well as the National Guard.

CCI Says A Strong Portable Sanitation Presence is Necessary

“Providing a strong presence of portable restrooms, sinks and other portable sanitation product is essential for disaster recovery. The CCI emergency response teams are dedicated to help in such emergencies. Our hearts go out to Houston today”, said Central Coast Industries CEO Brian T. The emergency portable sanitation response team Coast to Coast industries has utilized resources to locate and dispatch local Houston portable sanitation companies. “Our team is on call, and works quickly to provide relief for flooding in Houston. Portable sanitation such as restrooms, sinks and clean water is essential during a flooding emergency”, said CCI National Sales manager Ben G.

CCI Works with The National Guard & American Red Cross

CCI has been providing portable sanitation to emergency teams & disaster victims for over 25 years. Working with the National Guard, American Red Cross and other teams has given CCI the credentials to continue helping the entire United States get back on track during the emergency natural disaster relief process.