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California Porta Potties and Equipment Rentals

American’s pride themselves on hard work, success, and their innovative spirit. Californians are no different in that this large and diverse state is home to the eighth largest economy in the world. As one of the most populated states in the nation, California has booming industries and massive growth that depend on mobile sanitation and/or equipment rentals in some way, shape, or form. Central Coast Industries (CCI) is a leading provider of portable toilets, porta potties, trailer mounted showers and portable generators serving all of California. CCI also rents out storage containers, portable light towers, fencing as well as holding tanks and containment trays. Whether you are holding a special event, filming the next summer blockbuster, adding new buildings to the urban skyline, or recovering from an earthquake, CCI is here to serve you.

California Construction Site Equipment Rentals

Construction is booming in California – so much so that in 2014 almost 84,000 building permits were issued in the state! This is third only to Florida and Texas. With all this new construction comes a significant need for temporary site equipment. For many construction sites, temporary fencing, roll off containers, generators, and even portable high intensity lighting are essential pieces of equipment for getting the job done on time and under budget. Fortunately, CCI has a large selection of high quality, reliable equipment ready to be rented for your next construction project. CCI can rent equipment for all projects big or small and for just a few weeks or even a few months.

California Construction Site Temporary, Portable Sanitation

One of CCI’s primary services is providing portable sanitation and site equipment rentals for construction sites. In the world of construction, schedules and budgets are usually very tight. Believe it or not, portable sanitation is just one of the many key factors that contribute to a project’s overall success or failure. Construction site managers know that having clean, convenient, and strategically located porta potties are essential to getting the job done efficiently and on time. The less time that workers spend finding, waiting for, and using a restroom, the more time they will spend on site contributing to the project’s successful completion. As a superior provider of portable sanitation equipment, CCI is here to help make sure that your next project is a success. CCI will deliver, setup, and service porta potties, ADA compliant toilets, and even shower facilities making managing the construction operation that much easier. Give us a call today for a free quote!

California Film Production Site Equipment

Lights, Camera, Action! For many people, the state of California is synonymous with movie production. Hollywood is well known both as a City as well as the premier movie making hub in the Country. Movie making is a serious business that requires an immense amount of planning, personnel, and equipment to pull off successfully. Filming locations are often remote and schedules are often very tight. This is precisely where portable sanitation becomes a necessity. CCI’s trained sanitation specialists can help you plan your next movie set or filming location. Porta potties can be brought in to help alleviate the needs of the production crew while also catering to the tight schedule. Portable showers can also be brought in when filming locations are too far from permanent facilities to be practically utilized.

Movies usually have big budgets, however filming one is most often a temporary endeavor. In many cases, production companies find it more economical to rent equipment such as porta potties, lights, generators, and/or storage containers instead of buying them. CCI is supportive to the needs of the movie making industry and is ready to serve you. So when you need reliable equipment quickly and affordably, CCI will be here to take your call.

California Special Event Porta Potty Event Rentals

Although the terrain and weather vary due to California’s sheer size, this state is also famous for its overall moderate climate and beautiful natural scenery and parks. In addition to this, California boasts robust infrastructure and a diverse economy filled with unique cultures, politics, and industries. For these reasons (among others) many people would agree that California is the perfect state for hosting large special events, festivals, concerts, conferences and conventions.

Temporary gatherings such as those mentioned previously, usually require significant planning in order to be made profitable and successful. At some point in the planning process, sanitation logistics will need to be discussed. The sanitation needs of the event depend on a number of factors and in many cases the onsite facilities may be inadequate to serve the needs of the event. In those cases, CCI is ready to setup portable toilets in or near the event venue to supplement the onsite facilities. Ultimately, providing an adequate supply of clean restrooms will lead to a satisfactory experience for your guests and a successful event. When you are planning your next event, give CCI a call for a free porta potty rental quote.

Depending on the type of event that you are hosting, the typical standard economy-style porta potty may not necessarily be sufficient to meet the guests’ needs. If this is the case, CCI has a number of higher end portable restrooms ready to serve a more sophisticated crowd. CCI’s Gold Executive restroom trailer is more comfortable than a standard porta potty and comes complete with running water, flushing toilets, mirrors, and the aesthetic details necessary to make your guests’ restroom experience more comfortable.

When the Gold standard is still not enough, CCI’s Presidential Executive restroom trailer is ready to give your guests the ultimate portable restroom experience. Improving upon all of the amenities offered by the Gold Executive restroom trailer, the Presidential unit the most luxurious portable toilet that CCI offers. Extra spacious and constructed with high quality materials, this unit is sure to give your guests the feeling of being on a dream vacation. Whatever your special event is and whatever your needs are, CCI is here to help.

California Disaster Recovery Services

California is uniquely positioned on the planet making it susceptible to many types of natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes. Bifurcated by the San Andreas Fault line, California is no stranger to earthquakes. Having a long history of dealing with both large and small disasters, California emergency managers are well equipped to handle this natural occurrence. When earthquakes occur, the ground moves violently potentially destroying buildings, roadways, and underground infrastructure such as water and sewer pipes. This makes earthquakes particularly devastating because its impacts can last for weeks or even months simply due to the amount of time require to repair the damage.

Without adequate infrastructure, disaster victims will have trouble finding working restrooms and clean water to drink as well as bathe in. This is when emergency managers at the federal, state, and local levels often need to bring in additional resources such as water trucks, porta potties, and even shower trailers to aid in the recovery. CCI specializes in emergency and disaster response and can meet the needs of just about any disaster by supplying these much need resources efficiently and effectively.

California Clean Water Supply Services

One of the primary concerns during a disaster is access to clean drinking water. With a failed infrastructure, water may become scarce further exacerbating the emergency situation. CCI can bring in large potable water trucks capable of supplying 1,000 gallons of pristine drinking water to the disaster zone at a moment’s notice. These trucks, when strategically located around the disaster area and at recovery centers, can supply a long term (but temporary) source of water for both recovery workers as well as disaster victims. Being mobile, the trucks can also be moved around the site to better serve the changing needs of the disaster recovery. CCI’s potable water trucks are a economically viable and environmentally friendly solution to a temporary shortage in clean drinking water caused by an earthquake.

California Portable Sanitation Disaster Recovery Services

Another concern during a disaster is the lack of access to clean restroom facilities. Natural disasters such as earthquakes often result in secondary catastrophes that can further devastate an already injured community. When disaster strikes, a sanitation nightmare can occur shortly thereafter if displaced residents find themselves without an ability to flush a toilet or remove contaminants from their skin. Without access to clean restrooms and showers, diseases can run rampant and toxins and carcinogens from the rubble can accumulate on the skin.

In order to expedite the recovery effort and prevent the spread of disease, portable toilets and showers will likely be needed to serve the communities immediate needs. Portable toilets will provide much needed relief to workers and victims. Trailer mounted showers will also allow for personal hygiene needs to be met during the recovery. CCI’s large inventory of portable sanitation equipment is on standby ready to help the public recover from any natural disaster that may come their way. Give CCI a call today to see just how affordable emergency support services can be. For more information on specific cities in the Golden State of California see below or click here for full California Portable Toilet List.

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