Facilities Requirement for Construction & Special Events

How Many Porta Potties do I need?


For anyone who has worked or been on a job site before, you know that portable restrooms are the primary sanitation facility. When employees have to leave the job site in order to use the restroom, it costs the contractor time and money. A study from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, “Provision of Sanitation Facilities at Construction Sites,” calculated that contractors can earn an 850% return on their investment by providing portable toilets and restrooms.

Aside from The Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) requirement that sanitation facilities be placed at all work sites, there is also a minimum number of restroom facilities needed based on the number of employees. Below is a table indicating the minimum amounts:


Special events

The portable restroom is no stranger to special events and event organizers know that that the key to successful events and mass gatherings is proper planning. The problem is that if you provide too few units, it can reflect negatively on the venue and event but if you provide too many units, it can cause an excessive expense for the promoters. Below we have provided a guideline to help in determining the number of portable restrooms necessary for your event:


Though Central Coast Industries or other service contractors will help you in the proper planning for any event it is important to recognize that consumption of food and liquids will increase usage by 30-40% and that large events requiring more than 10 portables will require additional service.

Remember that satisfied employees will stay longer, spend more money, and be more willing to return again! Check out our standard unit portable toilet rental, and be sure to request a free, no-obligation quote when you’re ready to get started.