About Us

Central Coast Industries (CCI) is a seasoned and experienced portable sanitation company in business for over 25 years. We offer a diverse selection of quality portable sanitation equipment for you to rent at a moment’s notice. Let us provide you with luxury portable restrooms as well as an extensive array of other products. These include portable shower trailers, generators, and office trailers for special events. All our products give you the tools for managing your next job site.

Our values

We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with reliable equipment and service. Our traditional family values of commitment and maintaining a strong ethic ensures a positive workplace for our employees that, in turn, our customers’ overall satisfaction reflects.

Having started out as a portable toilet company, we have now expanded to providing shower and restroom trailers, portable toilets and sinks, holding tanks, generators, and more.

Our dependable and professional team are proficient with company equipment when they setup teardown the site, and clean restock the work area. Our employees are committed to following all updated safety standards for operating equipment and applying them in the workplace.

Our family and employees understand the importance of flexibility; to handle special requests, repair unexpected break-downs, operate under any weather condition (heat, cold, rain, etc.) or at any location (city park to forest mountain top). We expect the unexpected and solve problems instantly.

We strive to deliver quality service and excellent products to all our customers and to develop a strong business relationship with every customer that we continue to build daily.

CCI would be honored to be able to serve you and your company with all your sanitary equipment needs.


The family of Central Coast Industries (CCI)